Valle de Penderisco

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Valle de Penderisco


Urrao, Colombia

Blackberry, grape juice, dark chocolate; fruit-forward.

$12 / 10 oz

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This lot comes from a 20 member farmer group in Urrao, Colombia. Penderisco River runs high up in the hills of Antioquia in the northern region of the Colombia coffee triangle. The valley floor sits at 1800 meters above sea level with most of the farmland located several hundred meters higher.

Water from local cold springs are used to process the Caturra and Colombia varietal coffees. This in combination with cooler high altitude temperatures contribute to a slightly longer fermentation time. The result is a more fruit-forward coffee than the typical cup of Colombian.


While Valle de Penderisco certainly qualifies as a fruit-forward coffee, an underlying sweetness and fuller body create a balanced cup well-suited for daily drinking. The dry grounds smell of sweet dark berry jams and honey. While brewing, more tropical and floral aromas are released. Bright fruit notes are present in the hot cup, but a juicier grape shows up as the cup cools. A nice dark chocolate comes through the roast and lingers as an enjoyable aftertaste.


Living in Color
by Lucy Kaczmar

From the artist:

My name is Lucy. I'm a fifth grade student at Old Trail School. The inspiration for my painting was the architecture of Poland, because I am doing a big project on Poland for our International Fair. In art class, my teacher showed us some paintings by Paul Klee. He loved color and shapes and thought of them as the building blocks of his cityscapes.