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Huila, Colombia

Honey butter, stone fruits, and milk chocolate.

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Timana is a municipality located in the Huila Department of Colombia. The region is home to many small farms growing Caturra variety coffea at altitudes above 1,600 meters above sea level. Because of the smaller yields from these family farms (relative to the larger estates found in the coffee growing axis), much of their harvest is sold through member associations created to aid in production and export. The farmers benefit from shared resources and we benefit from easier access to better coffee grown in ideal, but remote locations.

This lot is a blend from seven farms that participate in such an organization. It is part of our suppliers Farm Gate program that guarantees pricing negotiated directly with the producers at a value well above Fair Trade minimums. This premium is then passed straight to the farmers in an effort to encourage continued production of coffee grown for quality and taste rather than quantity.


This coffee is more complex than the classic Colombian profile, but remains sweet and balanced. The dry aromas foretell of the thick honey and slight fruitness to be found in the brewed cup. Hot water releases additional layers of chocolate and baked desserts.

The brewed cup is dominated by a thick honey taste that's almost buttery. This gives way to the brighter characteristics of stone fruits like apricot and plum. The medium body has a milk chocolate element that lasts through the aftertaste. It's exciting and good. Pardon our enthusiasm.