Tencho-Kecho Decaf

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Tencho-Kecho Decaf


Limu, Ethiopia

Honey, dark chocolate, and apple cider; no jitters.

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The Limu Inara region of Ethiopia is home to the two cooperatives that make up this decaffeinated coffee. Tencho is a wonderfully clean facility producing some equally clean and delicious coffees. We featured one of their lots this past summer. Kecho Tirtira co-op operates at a slightly higher altitude than Tencho, serving as a processing mill for farms located between 1900-2000 meters in the surrounding hills.

The coffees are of the heirloom variety and have been wet-processed. Swiss Water took care of the decaffeination, guaranteeing a clean-tasting coffee nearly identical to the full-strength version.


Tencho-Kecho Decaf is sweet and viscous, a full-bodied coffee that works great for a flavorful espresso or a daily drinker. Honey and apple cider show up balanced by a dark chocolate aftertaste. Being an Ethiopian, you'll also find hints of bright fruits and spices like ripe berries and cinnamon, though they they don't dominate the cup.