Tencho Co-op

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Tencho Hannah Lady ART-1080.jpg
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Tencho Co-op


Limu, Ethiopia

Light, bright, and refreshing; florals, citrus, and honey.

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Tencho Cooperative is located in the Limu Inara region of Ethiopia. Like most coffee mills in the country, the co-op serves as the processing point for the many small farms in the surrounding area. This crop is a fully washed, organically processed batch of the local heirloom varietal.

Coffees from the Limu region aren't as celebrated as those from its southern neighbors Yirgacheffe and Sidamo. And Tencho itself sits a bit lower in altitude than other nearby mills. But what really makes this coffee standout is its cleanliness.

Our supplier recently visited the co-op and was struck by the neatness of everything from the clean warehouse and machinery to the well-stretched, taut drying beds. This last point is critical in achieving a uniformly dried batch of beans. Slack drying beds create mounds in the middle where the center beans can't dry as quickly as those outside.


The co-op's attention to detail translates to a clean and refreshing cup of coffee. We treat this one with a lighter, delicate roast to boost the brighter notes that were well-preserved in the processing. Floral and citrus notes stand out, but aren't overpowering. The sweetness is in the honey to light milk chocolate range. This coffee makes an outstanding iced coffee (cold brewed or pour-over-ice) and an equally great espresso if you like it bright.


We were lucky to have students from Akron's Miller South School for the Arts create a few custom pieces based on our description of the coffee. Our thanks to Hannah VerSluys (8th grade), Elise Gorsuch (5th grade), Andra Drumm Benninghoff (6th grade), and their teacher Mrs. Malia Tschantz for such great work.

Hannah VerSluys

Elise Gorsuch

Andra Drumm Benninghoff