Colline Rutovu

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Burundi Rutovu Kinogono Art.jpg
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Colline Rutovu


Colline Rutovu, Burundi

Flavor forward with a delicate finish; rum raisin, tart cherry juice, sweet rooibos tea.

$14 / 10 oz

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COUNTRY: Burundi
REGION: Colline Rutovu
MILL: Kinogono
ALTITUDE: 1,400-1,9000 meters
VARIETY: Bourbon

This is our first coffee from Burundi and we've been impressed from the first look at the raw (green) beans. The quality of the hand-sorting at the washing station is apparent in the consistent size and color of the beans and lack of defects found. That cleanliness carries into the flavor profile of the cup that is full of up-front flavor notes of rum raisin and cherry juice which are washed away with a delicate rooibos tea finish. Body and acidity are both balanced and in the medium range in this overall clean and pleasant drinking coffee.