Opung James

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Opung James


Sumatra, Indonesia

Malt, molasses, and honey; herbal, thick, and sweet.

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Most coffee from Sumatra is sold through collectors who purchase lots from the small farms throughout the country. Collectors pay farmers up front and, therefore, look for the best lots available to receive a return on their investment once it's exported. That is to say the collector plays the crucial role of sorting the good from the bad.

Opung James (which translates to "grandmother of James") separates herself from other collectors by purchasing most of her coffees directly from farmers rather than at local open markets where traceability is difficult. It's the shortest chain to the Sumatran coffee farms that we can get.

This lot is made up of Ateng, Bergendal, and TimTim varietals grown in the Lintong Nihuta region of North Sumatra. They have been wet-hulled processed, a technique unique to Indonesian coffee.


Opung James is thick and sweet with herbal notes, much like you'd expect from a good, clean Sumatran coffee. Raw honey, unrefined sugar, and molasses define the sweet end of the cup. Green herb flavors like tarragon and earthy notes like cedar keep this one interesting. The long aftertaste leans toward a baker's chocolate. Like you coffee full-bodied, strong and, well, robust? This one's for you.