Opung H.R.

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Opung H.R.


Sumatra, Indonesia

Cedar, tobacco, malt syrup, and tropical fruits.

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Opung H.R. is the name of the collector from whom this coffee was purchased. The Toba Batak society relies on kinship for some of its naming conventions. In this case, Opung means grandmother and H.R. are the initials of her firstborn son. She lives in Lintong Nihuta, North Sumatra, near Lake Toba.

The earthy, sweet, full-body characteristics of Sumatran coffees are the result of the wet-hulled process unique to the region. Rather than waiting for the pulped coffee to fully dry, it is delivered to a coffee collector in its wet parchment. The collector then mills it down to the raw bean and finishes drying the coffee directly on a patio. This process expedites payment to the farmers and makes the collector responsible for the quality of the harvests she chooses to buy.

Most Sumatran coffee farms are family operations that range in size from a few hundred shrubs to a few acres of land. This lot collected by Opung H.R. is comprised of Ateng, Bergendal, and TimTim varietals. TimTim is a common name for Hibrido de Timor, a hybrid of Robusta and Timor Arabica cultivars. This coffee is part of our sourcer's Farm Gate program.


Earthy and sweet, Opung H.R. delivers as a delicious Sumatran coffee with a surprising amount of complexity. The dry grounds announce the rooted qualities of the cup with a woodsy scent reminiscent of freshly cut cedar. Hot water releases strong allusions to syrupy sweetness.

The sweetness continues in the brewed cup bolstered by a heavy body that gives a sensation of malt or maple syrup. Herbaceous notes are prevalent when hot, with cedar and mild tobacco aromas mixing into the cup. Tropical fruits appear as things cool off. Mango, papaya, and ripe berries linger in the aftertaste. A subtle cocoa flavor is present throughout as well.


A Lady Vase
by Illona Hayes