Myopia Blend

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Myopia Blend


A special blend for
Mark Mothersbaugh: Myopia
at the Akron Art Museum

$14 / 10 oz

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The Akron Art Museum hosts Myopia, a retrospective of artist Mark Mothersbaugh, this summer. We were asked to create a special blend to celebrate the occasion. This is it.

Mothersbaugh suggested a coffee reminiscent of the oatmeal and rubber factories from his youthful days in Akron. A challenge, sure, but we think we did alright.

A dollar from every bag sold will go to the Akron Art Museum.


The Myopia Blend combines two naturally processed coffees from opposite hemispheres. The result is a coffee of seemingly impossible opposites. It's thick and robust in body, yet full of subtleties. It's nutty and sweet with heavy notes of dark chocolate, but light and fruited with bright berries lingering in the aftertaste. It's a coffee that doesn't quite make sense, but makes total sense.


Mark Mothersbaugh

1964-Monument to the conquerors of space

Inkjet on paper,
39x61 inches.
Courtesy the artist.