Mifi Java

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Mifi Java



Nutty, sweet and chocolatey. Rare and interesting.

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The Source

Country:  Cameroon
Region:  Mifi, West Province
Variety:  Java Longberry
Process:  Washed
Altitude:  1300-1800 meters

Few specialty grade coffees come out of Cameroon. Most coffees grown and exported from the country are Robusta varieties. This lot is an Arabica Java cultivar produced by the CAPLAMI Cooperative located in the Mifi department of West Province. The coop has over 2500 contributing members, most of whom are small-lot farmers tending to a handful of acres.

The Cup

Mifi Java's cup qualities share less in common with other African coffees than it does with those found in Indonesia. The bright acidity associated with Kenyan and Ethiopian beans is less prevalent. The sweet taste of raw sugar is the main player here. A subtle black tea flavor is a gentle reminder of this coffees origin, but the rustic sweetness and heavy chocolate notes are a nice surprise.