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Yirga Cheffe, Ethiopia

Strawberries, cocoa, and cinnamon; fruity and sweet.

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Konga is a private washing station located near Yirga Cheffe town in Ethiopia. This lot is a dry-processed coffee that has been hand sorted at least three times. First, ripe cherries from the heirloom variety coffea plants are picked by smallholder farmers whose land sits at 1900-2100 meters above sea level. Second, the crop is delivered to Konga station where it is sun dried and sorted again. Third, the green coffee is sent to Addis Ababa where it is prepared to Grade 1 specifications with a final sorting prior to export.

This is our second year with this coffee. It was so great last season that we grabbed some as soon as it became available again. Our importer gave this lot a score of 93 (that's really good). We know we'll wish we bought more when we run out.

Bonus: This coffee is part of our importer's Farm Gate program, assuring the farmers and processors were paid super fairly.


The dry fragrance of Konga is full of red berries and orange tropical fruits like mango and guava. Adding hot water to the grounds is like opening a jar of strawberry jam. There is some cinnamon and floral action, too. The brewed cup is loaded with berry and peach flavors and warm, spicy notes. The body is full and the taste is so sweet. You'll definitely like it and most probably love it.

For a tamer version of the above tasting experience, try the current Asterisk Blend in which Konga plays a supporting role.