Kayon Mountain

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Kayon Mountain


Guji, Ethiopia

Raspberries, citrus, and maple sugar; full-bodied and flavorful.

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This dry processed coffee comes to us from Kayon Mountain Farm, a family-owned operation near the town of Shakiso in the Guji Zone. Most coffee from Ethiopia is sold through cooperatives or the country's Commodities Exchange. Small lot farmers typically bring their harvests to a central processing mill where lots are combined before sale and export. Because Kayon Mountain has built their own processing facilities, they are able to sell their lots directly.

The dry, or natural, variation of processing yields a significantly different coffee than the more popular wet, or washed, option. Whole coffee cherries are laid out to dry for up to a month before the dried fruit is mechanically removed and the remaining green seeds are hand sorted. The result is a fuller-bodied and fuller-flavored coffee.


Kayon Mountain shares many traits with other dry processed Ethiopian coffees. The aroma is big and vibrant, full of bright berry and floral smells with a subtle herbal-ness. The body is thick and sweet with nice maple sugar and cacao flavors. There's even a bit of citrus to be found as the coffee cools. The distinguishing feature of Kayon Mountain, though, is the smoothness with which all of this settles in the brewed cup. No sharp or unpleasant aftertastes here.