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Gatundu, Kenya

Citrus candy, cardamom, and tea; juicy and intricate.

$14 / 10 oz

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Karinga is one of two wet processing mills operated by the Gitwe Farmers Cooperative Society. The coop serves four neighboring villages near the town of Gatundu in the Thika District of Kenya. More than 900 farmers contribute their hand-picked crops to the mills. Careful cherry sorting is performed before pulping and washing. Clean river water is used for the washing process and recirculated through a careful wastewater management system. The washed seeds are fully sun dried and delivered to a dry mill for a second sorting prior to export.

Kenyan coffees are classified by size. The highest grade (and most expensive) is that of AA. While a larger bean size can be a sign of quality, it is far from the only determining factor. This particular lot from Karinga has been graded AB, one step below AA. So while it's not the biggest bean you'll find from Kenya, it might be the tastiest one currently being roasting in Akron, Ohio.


This is our first offering from Kenya. And we really like Kenyan coffee. Therefore, we're pretty excited. We'll call this lot from Karinga a classic Kenyan. What's that mean? Well, you'll find fun citrus flavors upfront like pink grapefruit and navel orange. A full-flavored sweetness comes soon after, leaving a lasting impression of a lemon candy or even something caramelly. A strong, lingering aftertaste of cardamom and tea adds intricacy. The body is juicy and feels big, but it goes down so smooth. It's the kind of cup that'll forever change your idea of what coffee can be.