Inza Decaf

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Inza Decaf


Cauca, Colombia

Honey, sweet breads, and apple; no buzz.

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Inzá is a town in the Cauca District of Colombia. There are hundreds of small coffee farms dotting the surrounding hills growing mainly Caturra varieties. This lot is a hand-picked blend of the best from their harvests. The caffeine was then removed through the magic of the Swiss Water Process. The result is a coffee nearly identical to the full strength version.


Inzá Decaf gives you everything you'd want from a fine Colombian coffee (minus the buzz, of course). A refined sweetness, something between honey and raw sugar, carries through the cup. It's balanced with a pleasant brightness that's both a bit spicy and tart, but surrounded by a nice full body (think apple bread). This gives way to a wonderful cocoa/chocolate undertone that lasts through the aftertaste.