Gunung Tilu

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Gunung Tilu


West Java, Indonesia

Sweet, clean, and thick with a touch of lemon.

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Java became synonymous with coffee thanks to the Dutch who began growing and exporting beans from the island at the turn of the 18th century. Following colonization, a disastrous plague, and the over-planting of the less tasty Robusta variety, coffee production in Indonesia has moved towards Arabica varieties grown by smallholder farms contributing to cooperatives.

This coffee is a blend from several small farm lots located near the mountain peak (Gunung) of Tilu in the province of West Java, Indonesia. It is comprised mainly of Typica variety with smaller amounts of Ateng and Jember that have been wet processed.


This is one clean-tasting Java. The earthiness often associated with coffees from the region is replaced by sugars and subtle citrus flavors. It starts in the dry fragrance with sweet spice, sugar and mandarin orange aromas. Adding hot water releases strong caramel and nut smells and the first hint of meyer lemon.

The brewed cup has upfront brown sugar sweetness and almond giving way to a delicate citrus aftertaste. The cup cools to subtle flavors of black tea with lemon and a bit of fig or raisin. The body is thick. Tilu works well as a single-origin espresso while pour-overs really highlight its bright side.


by Jon Bailey

Jon grew up in the untamed forests of Bath, Ohio. He currently lives in Durango, Colorado. Sometimes he rides his bicycle back to the homeland. Watch out for him on West Market Street between Montrose and Highland Square.