Gunung Haruman

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Gunung Haruman ART-1080.jpg
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Gunung Haruman


West Java, Indonesia

Brown sugar, candied nuts, lemon; syrupy and sweet.

$12 / 10 oz

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Coffee production in Indonesia dates back to the 18th century when the Dutch began growing varieties from Yemen. Their success in the region is what caused the word Java to become synonymous with coffee. Most of this early coffee was grown in West Java, but circumstances (i.e. colonization, plague, over-planting) forced most of the large coffee estates to move to East Java.

Farmers in West Java, however, continued to maintain small coffee plots alongside their other crops. This particular lot comes from a group of growers located near Gunung Haruman, a mountain peak in the Malabar range just south of the provincial capital of Bandung. It contains some of the original Typica variety coffees first cultivated by the Dutch.

This coffee is part of our importer's Farm Gate program. Pricing was negotiated directly with the farmers at values above Fair Trade minimums.


Gunung Haruman lacks the earthy characteristics often associated with coffees from this region. Instead, you're welcomed by a malty, syrupy smell in the dry fragrance. Adding hot water builds this into a thick brown sugar, bittersweet chocolate aroma that translates well into the brewed cup. A nice nuttiness is followed by a surprising bit of citrusy brightness in the aftertaste. You could dig around for more fruit flavors, but this one is more about the clean-tasting, full-bodied sweetness of a well-processed coffee.


by Debora Totti