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Karongi, Rwanda

Allspice, Darjeeling black tea, vanilla bean; award-winning fun.

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Gitesi is a washing station located near Kirambo Village in the Karongi District of Western Province, Rwanda. The hillsides surrounding Lake Kivu are home to many small lot coffee farms. In Rwanda, farm size is often measured not by acreage, but by the number of trees attended to. The average size is 165 trees per farmer.

About 1,800 farmers contribute to Gitesi station where lots are separately wet-processed and prepared for export. The station encourages quality by offering an additional return at the end of the season based on performance. The operators are proud of their clean facilities and make their financials available at Coffee Transparency.

This particular coffee is a combination of lots selected from the mid-season harvests. The contributing farms are located between 1700-2000 meters above sea level and grow Bourbon variety coffee. Gitesi consistently produces competition level coffees above 90 points and won the Cup of Excellence in 2012.


Gitesi is a standout that makes great brewed coffee and espresso. The sweet, warm, complex flavors add up to an inviting cup of African Joe. Grinding the beans releases a bouquet of floral and spice aromas. In the brewed cup, look for upfront vanilla sweetness followed by a clean citrus vibrancy. Baking spices like allspice, cinnamon, and clove are close behind. The combined effect is reminiscent of a sweetened Earl Gray or Darjeeling tea... but better because it's coffee.