Finca Buenavista

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Finca Buenavista


Timana de Huila, Colombia

Honey sweetness, apple cider, and subtle fruits.

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Isidro Trivino runs Finca Buenavista, an estate located in the hills of Camenzo, a small town in the Timana de Huila region of Colombia. His 2 hectares are planted at a lofty 1750 meters above sea level with mainly Caturra variety coffea shrubs.

This coffee has been wet processed, which, in this case, involves running the fresh-picked cherries through hand-cranked pulping machines, naturally fermenting the remaining seeds in water, and then drying them on raised beds with the parchment intact. This careful process along with the relatively high growing altitude create a clean coffee with easily perceptible characteristics.


Raw honey and apple cider are the standouts in this coffee from Sr. Trivino. It starts in the dry grounds with brown sugar and caramel aromas. Adding hot water releases a buttery scent of just-baked bread, something like a hot pretzel.

The first taste impression of the brewed cup is honey sweetness complemented by tart green apple or pear. The aftertaste lingers as fresh cider or a caramel apple. The subtle fruited notes shift quite a bit as the cup cools, starting with apricot and tropical fruits when hot down to more grape-ish characteristics on the cooler end. And in the end it finishes clean.


Each bag features a hand-brushed and finished work by an Akron Coffee Roaster.