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Nyeri, Kenya

Cranberry, grape, and cocoa powder; a succulent sipper.

$14 / 10 oz

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Chinga is one of eighteen coffee factories in the Othaya Farmers Cooperative Society (FCS) located in Nyeri County in central Kenya. Coffee factories are small mills that serve nearby farmers in the washing and processing of their crops. Chinga dates back to 1960 and is one of the oldest operating under the Othaya FCS.

This is a peaberry lot of SL-28 and SL-34 varieties (Kenyan exclusives). Peaberries come from the 5% or so coffee cherries that produce one seed instead of two. They're separated from the normal twin beans because they roast and taste different.

Most Kenyan coffee is purchased through the state-run auction system. Our importer bought this lot directly from Othaya FCS because they liked it so much and didn't want to chance losing it. We like it, too.


This Chinga peaberry is a big, juicy Kenyan coffee. Deep berry flavors are present from the dry ground aroma through the final cooled cup. The body matches the flavors: it's nice and full, but not so heavy that it hides any subtleties. Look for cranberry, grape, and tropical notes to show up next to a pleasant cocoa powder sweetness. This is a 90+ point scoring coffee.