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Huehuetenango, Guatemala

Creamy caramel, candied walnut and pear with a smooth finish.

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The Source

Country:  Guatemala
Region:  Huehuetenango
Town:  Chichimes
Process:  Washed
Altitude:  1700-2000 meters
Varieties:  Bourbon, Caturra, Typica

Many of the farms located along the peaks of the Sierra de los Cuchumatanes mountain range in Guatemala are forced to sell their coffees to larger processors in the valleys. The lower farms have prime access to waterways allowing for easier processing and exporting, but the growing conditions are less ideal. The quality of the high-grown beans is lost when blended with these larger lots. By putting in the effort to go directly to the smallholder farms and working with them to improve their processing techniques, we get better coffee and the farmers get better prices.

Chichimes is actually a blend from several family farms whose lots were too small to import individually. The Mayan name refers to a region along a hillside in Huehuetenango. Here’s a satellite view of the farms. The switchbacks in the dirt road indicate some pretty steep terrain.

The Cup

Chichimes is a balanced coffee with sweetness that holds throughout the cup. The dry fragrance is one of raw sugars, dried cherries, and a bit of shortbread. Hot water brings out candied walnuts and a buttery sweetness. The brewed cup is full of brown sugar sweetness balanced by a gentle pear-like acidity. A subtle floral note and hints of chamomile tea round it out. This one's good for everything from pour over to French press to espresso.