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Cajamarca, Peru

Pistachio, toffee, honey; sweet and clean.

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Cajamarca Productores is a cooperative located in western Peru amid the Andes mountains. The nearly 200 members benefit from the coop's ability to purchase agricultural supplies and pay for milling expenses. The resulting coffees are of superior quality and fetch premium prices. This, in turn, has allowed the farmers to afford the expenses associated with fair trade and organic certifications. They get buying power. We get great coffee. All is good.

This lot is from a single member farmer. We purchased 50 lbs. of it this spring and have been waiting for the stars to align before releasing it. Now is the time. Grab some while you can.


Nutty and sweet. These are probably the best descriptors for Cajamarca. The dry fragrance is full of roasted nut aromas and adding hot water releases thick, buttery-sweet smells. In the cup, the flavors hit as clean, processed honey and pistachio. We roast this one somewhere close to Full City to bring out a bit of cocoa flavors that register something like toffee while still maintaining some grape-ish tartaric aspects for kicks. Super clean. Super sweet. Super limited.