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Seasonal Blend

Sweet, but bright. Rich, but light. Balanced just right.

$12 / 10 oz

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Asterisk is a year-round offering blended to highlight some of the best characteristics from our single-origin lineup. The recipe varies throughout the seasons to reflect the availability of coffees grown in different regions. The goal, though, is to create a balanced coffee that can be enjoyed day-to-day.


  • 33% Mbozi, Tanzania
  • 33% Urrao, Colombia
  • 33% Malabar, Java


Like its typographical namesake, Asterisk is balanced and symmetrical. We use the best of what's available to create a coffee that's welcoming, but exciting. It's a little sweet, a little bright, a touch rich, but still light. You could call it a house blend if it were a house forever being crafted and tweaked to reflect the changing seasons.

This blend shines when prepared as a pour over or in a large batch brew. It even makes an excellent espresso if you prefer strong flavors in a little cup. Looking for something a bit more robust? Check out Interrobang.